Senior Editor 


A mobile internet start-up team is looking for a sharp, obsessive, and intrepid bilingual editor with a keen interest in journalism, new media and blogging. He/she must possess excellent people skills, and a talent for producing crisp, concise copy. The editor will be expected to possess a wide variety of interests as the product covers a wide spectrum of cross- cultural exploration, including: news, arts, culture, fashion, sports, music, food, business, technology, design, etc.


She or he will be hard-working, ambitious, and a competitive editorial opinion leader with broad interests and an established social media presence. 

We offer competitive compensation, beers and barbecue parties on the rooftop of the office.


The position is based in Shanghai, China.


How to Apply?


Please send your CV to or apply on the bottom. Be sure to include at least three clips and three pitches in your application.




Source, curate and write trending stories that people will want to share

Be on top of the global news and trends. 

Spot on the world’s best blogs, websites that cover arts, culture, fashion, sports, music, food, business, technology, design, etc. 

Be plugged into the social media conversation around China.

Work with marketing team to ideate and develop impactful social media and marketing materials

Write unique features that advance the conversation in certain categories

Editorial proficiency in both Chinese and English




Great content judgment.

Editing experience in top-tier fashion/ lifestyle/ tech media or blogs.

A genuine love for and excitement about the Internet.

Solid list of contacts and media sources.

Established social media presence.

Understand Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr and vertical blogs, as well as why the most popular stuff on those sites became popular in the English-speaking world.

Have a demonstrated ability to post things that people share.

Ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Attention to detail and ability to multi-task.


Ability to write well, and quickly, and manage content contributors from multiple time-zones in an organized manner.