Amanda is looking for a talented.weird.obsessive.funny.funnylooking designer to join the founding team

Who are you

  • You are constantly taking things apart with your eyes and asking why things look the way they do

  • You pride yourself on keeping abreast of design trends and can weeds out the silly from the good

  • You are curious, really curious

  • You are humble and constantly want to figure out how to improve yourself and your work

  • You believe nothing is ever done

  •  You're obsessive, and  this sentnence bothers you alot. 


What will you do at Amanda

  • Design :)


What are you good at

  • Good grasp of Apple's Human interface design guidelines
  • Good grasp of Google's material design paradigms
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects of course
  • Prototyping tools (, InVision, Keynote, etc)


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