Since 2008, ChinaSMACK has been providing people who can’t read Chinese a glimpse into modern China and Chinese society by translating popular, trending Chinese internet content and netizen discussions from China’s largest and most influential websites, discussion forums and social networks into English. Amanda and ChinaSMACK have established a deep partnership to create content that aims to provide a natural way for our users not only to learn the language, but also to gain an understanding of modern Chinese pop culture, slang and internet memes.

JingJobs, a curated job listing platform and matching service for China based internships and jobs, which was started by a young graduate who was looking for opportunities in China. They know job hunting for non-natives in China is tedious, which is why they try to make it as easy as possible. They aim to make opportunities in China visible and comprehensive, while keeping the whole process hassle free. JingJobs is a content partner of Amanda, specializing in recruitment industry trends, job hunting tips and more.

SeekPanda, an impossibly simple way to do business in China without needing to master the language, was founded by two young American professionals who speak fluent Mandarin. They aim to build an online marketplace for Chinese translators and interpreters to offer their services in mainland China and Taiwan. Through Amanda, SeekPanda provides content about economic, financial, or any such news relevant to the business world in China, for language learners and those who are interested in doing business in China.